1. Before using the services provided by the website (Hereinafter - Service ), the Customer is obliged to read the rules and accept them. In case of disagreement with the rules of the work Service , and the terms of service, the Customer has no right to use these services.

2. These Regulations prescribe the conditions under which the Services provides its services and facilities. Regulations may at any time be changed unilaterally, without further notice to customers.

3. The Customer undertakes his actions did not violate the statutory rules and regulations.

4. Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided for the provision of services, and services. Services is not responsible for the operations and transactions where an error has occurred due to the fault of the Customer.

5. The activity of the Service consists of recording and mutual satisfaction of requests between two or more customers or between the Customer and third-party services. The service itself does not perform any financial transactions with the Customer's funds.

6. All transactions made the Service are irreversible since the completion of the operation.

7. Services is not responsible for the actions of electronic payment systems as a consequence of violations of their health, or produced for other reasons.

8. Information received from the Customer can not be transferred to third parties, unless there is a decision the relevant authorities or not a request from one of the systems that take part in the operation.

9. Services is not responsible for the violation of the Customer Agreements on the use of payment systems. Customer undertakes before carrying out any operation on the Service website thoroughly examine and adopt the agreement (rates, etc.) systems that will be used in operations between services and Customers.

10. Services reserves the right to verify the legitimacy and legality of ownership of the Customer funds, including suspending the operation for the time necessary to establish a customer's identity and the legality and legitimacy of possession means. Service is not obliged to disclose the reasons why such a test was started.

11. Services does not produce any tax or other similar deductions made from the customer's transaction. And also do not inform the tax authorities about the Customer's financial operations. The responsibility for the calculation and payment of taxes and other payments arising from the use of Service Service lie on the Customer.

12. Tariffs for the services provided and exchange rates are set the Service on their own and can be changed at any time without notice to the customer. Operations that were not completed by the Customer within the terms, will be recalculated on the new rates, if they change, the Customer is obliged recreate order if did not have time to make a payment.

13. These rules can be changed at any time without notice to the customer. Pending transactions are conducted under the new rules, agreements, tariffs and conditions.

14. Services does not bear any responsibility in case the Customer fill out an application misleading data.

15. Services is not responsible for the actions of transfer systems, banks, payment systems, and other users of the delay associated with their work. In case of problems is not the fault of the Service, service requested by the Customer may carry out operations to eliminate their consequences (refund request, investigation into the circumstances and so on) only if there is such a possibility, as well as the consent of the Service for a fee, which will be stipulated after considering the situation.

16. Electronic payment systems are solely responsible for the funds entrusted to them customers, Services is not a party in the agreement between the electronic payment system and its customers, and in any case shall not be liable for improper or illegal use of the corresponding system, as well as for abusing the functionality of the system. The mutual rights and obligations of the Customer and electronic payment systems governed by the rules and agreements adopted in the relevant system. Customer agrees that transactions on the exchange of signs of payment systems and other services that are not welcome exchange with other payment systems / services or limit such operations are carried out at the risk of the Customer. In the case of blocking of the Customer Account, or other cases of force majeure Service can carry out activities to address the consequences of force majeure, but does not guarantee the elimination of the consequences, and will not hold the Customer's loss compensation at their own expense. Breaking the agreement with a specific system, the Customer is aware of the risk he is and will not shift the blame on the part of the Service.

17. Services guarantees the provision of services only to the extent of funds or other equivalent terms, accepted by the Customer. Using the services of Service , the Customer agrees that the scope of liability Service limited funds entrusted to the service of the transaction.

18. Operation with electronic payment systems.

18.1. Services can set minimum commission per transaction.

18.2. Services shall transfer / receipt of funds for operations Service for 24 hours in the banking business hours, after fixed and confirmed (digital) receipt / transfer of funds as well as complete information about the operation of the Customer. If you can not perform an operation within that period as a consequence of any reason, service notifies the Customer in electronic form and, after receiving confirmation, produces a refund or change the conditions of the operation.

18.3. The Customer is obliged to report complete and accurate information about the operation to complete, otherwise the Services does not guarantee the timely completion of the operation. If incorrect information, or one that does not allow the Service to complete the operation, service reserves the right as a delay means to determine accurate information, and to return funds to the sender, net fee and commission Service fee (full or partial) will be reported.

18.4. Services , checks and stores the Customer information (bank details, passport data, etc.) as required by law and payment systems.

18.5. The customer at his own expense paid commission payment systems (services) that take part in the operation, no matter who is charged with the commission - with the payer or the payee. Services can be, but is not obliged to inform the Customer of the fees and commissions of payment systems (services) that take part in the transaction, the Customer is obliged to read them yourself using current sources of information, provided by a specific payment system (service) .

19. Services is not responsible for delays or failures in the course of the transaction, resulting from force majeure, and any malfunction in telecommunications, computer, electrical, and other related systems. Customers undertake not to falsify the communication streams used the Service.

20. A contract is concluded on the conditions of the public offer, accepting user during the transaction. Public offer recognized Displayed Information on the conditions of operation. Acceptance of the public offer Customer admits committing acts clearly confirming its intention to make a deal with the the Service on the conditions specified by the Service immediately before the confirmation of completion of the operation in the Treaty.